International Pastries: Try Something New From Your Local Bakery

If you enjoy a morning pastry, you may be getting a little bored of eating the same type of things, such as a pain au chocolat or croissant, day after day. Why not check out an exciting list of pastries from around the world which will help you to make your breakfast exciting and enjoyable?


This is an Austrian pastry which is perfect for the sweet-toothed. It is made using nougat, fruit jam, cake crumbs and rum. This mixture is baked and cut into small square shapes. The little squares are then glazed in icing sugar and covered in chocolate to make a delicious treat which will give you a real boost in the morning.


The baklava is a Turkish pastry which is made using layers of filo pastry. Hazelnuts and pistachios are added to the top of the pastry, and it is baked until it is crisp. As soon as the baklava comes out of the oven, it is covered in honey and served while still warm.


The medialuna is a South American croissant which is created using butter or lard. Shaped like a half-moon, these croissants are typically glazed using a sugary syrup, which means they are much sweeter than croissants found in Europe, Australia and the USA. A medialuna will normally be served with a selection of fruit jams.


The cannoli comes from the shores of Italy and takes the form of a finger-sized tube of pastry which is then filled with ricotta cheese or cream. The pasty is then fried at a very high temperature, so it becomes very crunchy. Once the cannoli have cooled, it is traditional to sprinkle cinnamon or icing sugar over them. 


This South African doughnut is something of a legend among pastry lovers. Koeksister is made by rolling the dough and then placing it in a deep fryer. Koeksisters are not round in shape like traditional doughnuts but instead look like long strips of interwoven rope. Once the dough is cooked, it is removed from the fryer and covered in sugar syrup. Traditional koeksister doughnuts have a strong honey taste, but it is also possible to have them covered in different spices such as ginger and cinnamon.

If you would like to try any of these delicious treats, you should contact your local bakery today. The staff there will be happy to assist you in your quest for a new breakfast experience.