Enjoying Sweets Even with Diabetes: 3 Tips for Choosing Pastries that Won’t Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes plagues approximately 1 million Australians, and prevents them from enjoying sweets and other delicious foods that can easily raise their blood sugar levels. Just because you have diabetes, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy pastries anymore. There are plenty of tips on how you can choose pastries that won't raise your blood sugar levels by much. Here are 3 of them.

Try Pastries Naturally Sweetened by Berries

If you're struggling with diabetes already. Avoid pastries that are loaded with sugars and carbs. This means avoiding pastries that are stuffed with chocolates and topped with powdered sugar. Pastries can be equally as sweet if they are naturally sweetened with berries that are in season. The berries will also add some extra flavour and texture to the pastries. The berries will also make the pastries look a lot more appetizing. Different types of berries and fruits will give the pastries a unique taste.

Opt for Unsweetened Whipped Cream

A highlight of many pastries is the whipped cream. You can still enjoy whipped cream if you opt for pastries with unsweetened whipped cream. Unsweetened whipped cream contains significantly less sugar. Freshly whipped cream made from heavy cream tastes absolutely delicious, but can be rather filling. Ask the bakery to mix unsweetened cocoa powder with the whipped cream for a delicious chocolate taste. If you must, ask for whipped cream sweetened with sugar-free sweeteners instead of regular sugar. The whipped cream will taste the same, but you just won't see a significant spike to your blood sugar levels.

Sample Pastries Made from Alternative Types of Flour

Choosing the right type of flour is also rather important for controlling your blood sugar levels. Most types of flours tend to spike blood sugar levels significantly; however, there are some alternatives that will barely have an effect. Almond flour, coconut flour, sesame flour and other nut flours tend to be a better choice for diabetics. Fortunately, some bakeries use these flours in their pastries for those who have a gluten sensitivity. These flours won't alter the taste of the pastries by much.


Pastries are great for an afternoon treat or for after a meal. If you're diabetic, you simply have to limit your choices, and choose pastries that won't raise your blood sugar levels as much. Fortunately, there are plenty of bakeries that offer these treats. Some bakeries are even willing to make special batches if you call ahead of time and give them some notice.